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Now through Feb 1, take 20% off the original retail price. Discount applied in store. Contact store for more details. A task lamp in the office, kitchen or living room can make a big difference. We have a wide selection of desk lamps, at great prices.
Sulcata LED Table Lamp - Chrome Thumbnail
Sulcata LED Table Lamp - Chrome, $178.00
Sulcata LED Table Lamp - Nickel Thumbnail
Sulcata LED Table Lamp - Nickel, $178.00
Table Lamp with Black Metal Shade Thumbnail
Table Lamp with Black Metal Shade, $195.00
Task Table Lamp Thumbnail
Task Table Lamp, $98.00
Tripod Wooden Table Lamp Thumbnail
Tripod Wooden Table Lamp, $79.00
Twist Table Lamp Thumbnail
Twist Table Lamp, $300.00
Ulfah Table Lamp Thumbnail
Ulfah Table Lamp, $149.00
Upglo Table Lamp (white) Thumbnail
Upglo Table Lamp (white), $49.00
Benito Table Lamp 20.5 Thumbnail
Benito Table Lamp 20.5, $129.00
Benito Table Lamp 30.5 Thumbnail
Benito Table Lamp 30.5, $149.00
Bess Table Lamp Thumbnail
Bess Table Lamp, $179.00
Brockham Table Lamp Thumbnail
Brockham Table Lamp, $99.00
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