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Complete the look with dining chairs, counter stools and benches that range from casual to formal. Now with our SMART BUYS, receive 20% off dining chairs, sideboards & display units with the purchase of any regular priced dining table. Excludes outdoor furniture and other discounts.
Acaulon Dining Chair-Anthracite Thumbnail
Acaulon Dining Chair-Anthracite, $159.00
Acaulon Dining Chair-Ginger Thumbnail
Acaulon Dining Chair-Ginger, $159.00
Adamo Side Chair Thumbnail
Adamo Side Chair, $219.00
Andrew Dining Chair -White Thumbnail
Andrew Dining Chair -White, $139.00
Andrew Dining Chair-Black Thumbnail
Andrew Dining Chair-Black, $139.00
Andrew Dining Chair-Brown Thumbnail
Andrew Dining Chair-Brown, $139.00
Andrew Dining Chair-Red Thumbnail
Andrew Dining Chair-Red, $139.00
Ann Glenn Side Chair - Venge Thumbnail
Ann Glenn Side Chair - Venge, $129.00
Arabella Dining Chair Thumbnail
Arabella Dining Chair, $149.00
Bianca Dining Chair Thumbnail
Bianca Dining Chair, $249.00
Carina Dining Chair Thumbnail
Carina Dining Chair, $559.00
Clark Side Chair-Espresso Thumbnail
Clark Side Chair-Espresso, $139.00
Clark Side Chair-Pearl Thumbnail
Clark Side Chair-Pearl, $139.00
Clark Side Chair-Twig Thumbnail
Clark Side Chair-Twig, $139.00
Felicia Chair Thumbnail
Felicia Chair, $189.00
Ginosa Chair Thumbnail
Ginosa Chair, $389.00
Hala Counter Stool Thumbnail
Hala Counter Stool, $79.00
Hazel Dining Bench Thumbnail
Hazel Dining Bench, $499.00
Herning Side Chair-Venge Thumbnail
Herning Side Chair-Venge, $389.00
Insigna Chair Thumbnail
Insigna Chair, $179.00
Jeanet Leather Chair Thumbnail
Jeanet Leather Chair, $139.00
Mochae Side Chair Thumbnail
Mochae Side Chair, $159.00
Molly Chair Thumbnail
Molly Chair, $139.00
Mondiana Dining Chair Thumbnail
Mondiana Dining Chair, $389.00
Muse Chair - Black Thumbnail
Muse Chair - Black, $99.00
Muse Chair - Green Thumbnail
Muse Chair - Green, $99.00
Muse Chair - Red Thumbnail
Muse Chair - Red, $99.00
Muse Chair - White Thumbnail
Muse Chair - White, $99.00
Pharaoh Dining Chair- Pewter Thumbnail
Pharaoh Dining Chair- Pewter, $559.00
Pharaoh Dining Chair-Red Thumbnail
Pharaoh Dining Chair-Red, $559.00
Pisa Side Chair Thumbnail
Pisa Side Chair, $279.00
Randers Dining Chair-Walnut Thumbnail
Randers Dining Chair-Walnut, $319.00
Regal Dining Bench Thumbnail
Regal Dining Bench, $879.00
Regal Dining Chair-SL Thumbnail
Regal Dining Chair-SL, $449.00
Regal Dining Chair_Fern Thumbnail
Regal Dining Chair_Fern, $449.00
Rosie Dining Chair - Black Thumbnail
Rosie Dining Chair - Black, $129.00
Rybo Side Chair  Thumbnail
Rybo Side Chair , $499.00
Scala Dining Chair Thumbnail
Scala Dining Chair, $135.00
September Dining Chair Thumbnail
September Dining Chair, $189.00
Serena Dining Chair-Black Thumbnail
Serena Dining Chair-Black, $139.00
Serena Dining Chair-Taupe Thumbnail
Serena Dining Chair-Taupe, $139.00
Barrima Dining Chair-Brown Thumbnail
Barrima Dining Chair-Brown, $199.00
Barrima Dining Chair-Camel Thumbnail
Barrima Dining Chair-Camel, $199.00
Barrima Dining Chair-Orange Thumbnail
Barrima Dining Chair-Orange, $199.00
Barrima Dining Chair-Red Thumbnail
Barrima Dining Chair-Red, $199.00
Barrima Dining Chair-Sand Thumbnail
Barrima Dining Chair-Sand, $199.00
Barrima Dining Chair-Yellow Thumbnail
Barrima Dining Chair-Yellow, $199.00
Crystal Stacking Chair Thumbnail
Crystal Stacking Chair, $189.00
Hazel Bamboo Chair Thumbnail
Hazel Bamboo Chair, $289.00
Novae Folding Chair - Black Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - Black, $69.00
Novae Folding Chair - Blue Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - Blue, $69.00
Novae Folding Chair - Green Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - Green, $69.00
Novae Folding Chair - Orange Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - Orange, $69.00
Novae Folding Chair - Red Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - Red, $69.00
Novae Folding Chair - Taupe Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - Taupe, $69.00
Novae Folding Chair - White Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - White, $69.00
Novae Folding Chair - Yellow Thumbnail
Novae Folding Chair - Yellow, $69.00
Playa Stacking Chair Thumbnail
Playa Stacking Chair, $179.00
Scala Side Chair - White Thumbnail
Scala Side Chair - White, $119.00
Vejle Side Chair Thumbnail
Vejle Side Chair, $389.00
Herning Side Chair-Cherry Thumbnail
Herning Side Chair-Cherry, $389.00
Alcor Dining Chair Thumbnail
Alcor Dining Chair, $169.00
Hudson Arm Chair Thumbnail
Hudson Arm Chair, $289.00
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