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Modern or Classic? We have a variety of sofa styles to create the perfect look. Let us help you select a fabric from a wide selection of custom order fabrics. Sometimes getting exactly what you love is worth the wait!
Asgar Sofa in Dark Grey Thumbnail
Asgar Sofa in Dark Grey, $699.00  $489.00
Asgar Sofa in Petrol Blue Thumbnail
Asgar Sofa in Petrol Blue, $699.00  $489.00
Coboni Sofa Thumbnail
Coboni Sofa, $899.00
Fedosa 2-Toned Sofa Thumbnail
Fedosa 2-Toned Sofa, $1099.00
Friesia Sofa Thumbnail
Friesia Sofa, $1499.00
Lamare Sofa-Saffron Thumbnail
Lamare Sofa-Saffron, $1199.00
Paramount Sofa Thumbnail
Paramount Sofa, $1399.00
Roderick Sofa Thumbnail
Roderick Sofa, $1649.00
Rognan 2 Seater Sofa Thumbnail
Rognan 2 Seater Sofa, $899.00
Setosa Sofa - Orange Thumbnail
Setosa Sofa - Orange, $699.00
Steclo Sofa - Light Grey Thumbnail
Steclo Sofa - Light Grey, $799.00  $699.00
Upstil Sofa - Beige Thumbnail
Upstil Sofa - Beige, $699.00
Upstil Sofa - Grey Thumbnail
Upstil Sofa - Grey, $699.00
Ziana Convertible Sofa-Gray Thumbnail
Ziana Convertible Sofa-Gray, $699.00
Bloom Sofa - Anthracite Thumbnail
Bloom Sofa - Anthracite, $699.00
Niana Sofa/Daybed-Red Thumbnail
Niana Sofa/Daybed-Red, $699.00
Oregon Sofa - Anthracite Thumbnail
Oregon Sofa - Anthracite, $699.00
Prague II Sofa Thumbnail
Prague II Sofa, $1499.00  $1299.00
Steclo Sofa - Dark Grey Thumbnail
Steclo Sofa - Dark Grey, $799.00  $699.00
Bloom Sofa - Sand Thumbnail
Bloom Sofa - Sand, $699.00
Ava Sofa Thumbnail
Ava Sofa, $1699.00
Tropeca Convertible Sofa - Blue Thumbnail
Tropeca Convertible Sofa - Blue, $899.00
Tropeca Convertible Sofa-plum Thumbnail
Tropeca Convertible Sofa-plum, $899.00
Ziana Convertible Sofa-Orange Thumbnail
Ziana Convertible Sofa-Orange, $699.00
Oregon Sofa-Khaki Thumbnail
Oregon Sofa-Khaki, $699.00

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