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File Cabinets
Need to get organized at home or at the office? We've got solutions for small home offices spaces to large commercial office environments. Let us help you work smartly.
Avoz Lateral File Cabinet Thumbnail
Avoz Lateral File Cabinet, $339.00
Avoz Low Cabinet Thumbnail
Avoz Low Cabinet, $169.00
Avoz Mobile File Pedestal Thumbnail
Avoz Mobile File Pedestal, $159.00
Betonica Mobile File Pedestal Thumbnail
Betonica Mobile File Pedestal, $199.00
Dermae File Cart Thumbnail
Dermae File Cart, $799.00
Golia Multi Cabinet Thumbnail
Golia Multi Cabinet, $389.00
Mobile File Pedestal Thumbnail
Mobile File Pedestal, $549.00
Mondiana Credenza Thumbnail
Mondiana Credenza, $1599.00
Mondiana Lateral File Thumbnail
Mondiana Lateral File, $1049.00
Mondiana Library Bookcase Thumbnail
Mondiana Library Bookcase, $1099.00
Mondiana Pedestal with Castors Thumbnail
Mondiana Pedestal with Castors, $629.00
Mondiana Pedestal with Feet Thumbnail
Mondiana Pedestal with Feet, $629.00
Nova Credenza Thumbnail
Nova Credenza, $799.00
Nova File Pedestal Thumbnail
Nova File Pedestal, $289.00
Royal Credenza-Cherry Thumbnail
Royal Credenza-Cherry, $1299.00
Sedona Credenza Thumbnail
Sedona Credenza, $1099.00
Sedona Credenza Hutch Thumbnail
Sedona Credenza Hutch, $679.00
Sedona File Pedestal Thumbnail
Sedona File Pedestal, $469.00
Sedona Lateral File Thumbnail
Sedona Lateral File, $649.00
Sparsa 47W Sideboard Thumbnail
Sparsa 47W Sideboard, $179.00
Sparsa 63
Sparsa 63"W Sideboard, $199.00
Sparsa High Cabinet Thumbnail
Sparsa High Cabinet, $299.00
Sparsa Lateral File Cabinet Thumbnail
Sparsa Lateral File Cabinet, $299.00
Sparsa Low Cabinet Thumbnail
Sparsa Low Cabinet, $149.00
Tate File Pedestal - Walnut Thumbnail
Tate File Pedestal - Walnut, $259.00  $189.00
Tate File Pedestal - White Thumbnail
Tate File Pedestal - White, $259.00
Tate Lateral File Cabinet Thumbnail
Tate Lateral File Cabinet, $525.00  $379.00
Network Plus Credenza-V Thumbnail
Network Plus Credenza-V, $349.00
Network Plus Lateral File-C Thumbnail
Network Plus Lateral File-C, $249.00
Network Plus Lateral File-V Thumbnail
Network Plus Lateral File-V, $249.00
Network Plus Mobile File-C Thumbnail
Network Plus Mobile File-C, $169.00
Pisa Bookcase Thumbnail
Pisa Bookcase, $549.00
Pisa Credenza Thumbnail
Pisa Credenza, $999.00
Pisa File Cabinet Hutch Thumbnail
Pisa File Cabinet Hutch, $369.00
Pisa Lateral File Cabinet Thumbnail
Pisa Lateral File Cabinet, $599.00
Pisa Pedestal with feet Thumbnail
Pisa Pedestal with feet, $549.00
Royal Credenza-Venge Thumbnail
Royal Credenza-Venge, $1299.00
Royal Lateral File Thumbnail
Royal Lateral File, $749.00
Royal Mobile Pedestal File-Cherry Thumbnail
Royal Mobile Pedestal File-Cherry, $499.00
Royal Mobile Pedestal-Venge Thumbnail
Royal Mobile Pedestal-Venge, $499.00
Sparsa File Pedestal Thumbnail
Sparsa File Pedestal, $149.00

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