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Take entertaining to the next level with our selection of contemporary bars and wine cabinets. Create the perfect kitchen nook with a counter height table.
Andrew Counter Stool Thumbnail
Andrew Counter Stool, $149.00
Barrima Counter Stool-Camel Thumbnail
Barrima Counter Stool-Camel, $219.00
Barrima Counter Stool-Red Thumbnail
Barrima Counter Stool-Red, $219.00
Barrima Counter Stool-Sand Thumbnail
Barrima Counter Stool-Sand, $219.00
Barrima Counter Stool-Yellow Thumbnail
Barrima Counter Stool-Yellow, $219.00
Bistrot 30 Barstool - Brown Thumbnail
Bistrot 30 Barstool - Brown, $159.00
Bistrot 30 Barstool - White Thumbnail
Bistrot 30 Barstool - White, $159.00
Bliss Barstool Thumbnail
Bliss Barstool, $429.00
Brecens Stool Thumbnail
Brecens Stool, $59.00
Cirke Barstool Thumbnail
Cirke Barstool, $179.00
Cristata Counter Stool-Black Pepper Thumbnail
Cristata Counter Stool-Black Pepper, $159.00
Cronata Barstool - Beige Thumbnail
Cronata Barstool - Beige, $159.00
Cronata Barstool - Black Thumbnail
Cronata Barstool - Black, $159.00
Cronata Barstool - Dark Grey Thumbnail
Cronata Barstool - Dark Grey, $159.00
Cronata Barstool - Red Thumbnail
Cronata Barstool - Red, $159.00
Galbrae Stool- Green Thumbnail
Galbrae Stool- Green, $85.00
Galbrae Stool-Raspberry Thumbnail
Galbrae Stool-Raspberry, $85.00
Galbrae Stool-Yellow Thumbnail
Galbrae Stool-Yellow, $85.00
Jeanet Counter Stool - Black Thumbnail
Jeanet Counter Stool - Black, $169.00
Jeanet Counter Stool - White Thumbnail
Jeanet Counter Stool - White, $169.00
Lana Barstool-WH Thumbnail
Lana Barstool-WH, $539.00
Pilosa Barstool Thumbnail
Pilosa Barstool, $99.00
Regal Barstool Thumbnail
Regal Barstool, $539.00
September Counter Stool Thumbnail
September Counter Stool, $199.00
Tulip Bar Stool CH Thumbnail
Tulip Bar Stool CH
Tulip Bar Table - Bamboo Thumbnail
Tulip Bar Table - Bamboo, $399.00
Tulip Bar Table - Chocolate Thumbnail
Tulip Bar Table - Chocolate, $399.00
Tulip Counter Stool Chocolate Thumbnail
Tulip Counter Stool Chocolate, $139.00
Tulip Counter Stool-Bamboo Thumbnail
Tulip Counter Stool-Bamboo, $139.00
Tulip Counter Table - Bamboo Thumbnail
Tulip Counter Table - Bamboo, $389.00
Turco Barstool - Black Thumbnail
Turco Barstool - Black, $119.00
Turco Barstool - Red Thumbnail
Turco Barstool - Red, $119.00
Aspera Barstool Thumbnail
Aspera Barstool, $119.00
Insigna Wine Cart Thumbnail
Insigna Wine Cart, $559.00
Limena Barstool-Beige Thumbnail
Limena Barstool-Beige, $119.00
Limena Barstool-Black Thumbnail
Limena Barstool-Black, $119.00
Limena Barstool-Red Thumbnail
Limena Barstool-Red, $119.00
Pronto Barstool-Blue Thumbnail
Pronto Barstool-Blue, $79.00  $59.00
Pronto Barstool-Fuchsia Thumbnail
Pronto Barstool-Fuchsia, $79.00  $59.00
Pronto Barstool-Orange Thumbnail
Pronto Barstool-Orange, $79.00  $59.00
Sillus Barstool - Orange Thumbnail
Sillus Barstool - Orange, $79.00
Sillus Barstool - Yellow Thumbnail
Sillus Barstool - Yellow, $79.00
Holly 30 Barstool Thumbnail
Holly 30 Barstool, $169.00  $119.00
Andrew Barstool Thumbnail
Andrew Barstool, $149.00
Nova Barstool Thumbnail
Nova Barstool, $549.00
Dinex Beta Counter Table - Venge Thumbnail
Dinex Beta Counter Table - Venge, $369.00
Becky Bar Table Thumbnail
Becky Bar Table, $159.00
Done Bar Thumbnail
Done Bar, $789.00
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