Rocket Fuel
Add color and texture to any room with an accent chair. Choose from hundreds of custom order fabrics & leathers.
Aristol Chair - Ocean Thumbnail
Aristol Chair - Ocean, $799.00
Aristol Chair - Pear Thumbnail
Aristol Chair - Pear, $799.00
Binata Chair Thumbnail
Binata Chair, $1195.00  $895.00
Coboni Chair Thumbnail
Coboni Chair, $549.00
Copel Swivel Lounge Chair-Red Thumbnail
Copel Swivel Lounge Chair-Red, $1299.00
Copel Swivel Lounge Chair-T Thumbnail
Copel Swivel Lounge Chair-T, $1299.00
Francesca Swivel Chair Thumbnail
Francesca Swivel Chair, $1199.00
Friesia Chair Thumbnail
Friesia Chair, $849.00
Gregata Leather Chair - Black Thumbnail
Gregata Leather Chair - Black, $599.00
Havana Swivel Chair Thumbnail
Havana Swivel Chair, $949.00
Hordvik High Back Chair & Ottoman in Grey Thumbnail
Hordvik High Back Chair & Ottoman in Grey, $1198.00
Hordvik High Back Chair in Grey Thumbnail
Hordvik High Back Chair in Grey, $899.00
Hordvik Low Back Chair in Taupe Thumbnail
Hordvik Low Back Chair in Taupe, $699.00
Hordvik Ottoman in Grey Thumbnail
Hordvik Ottoman in Grey, $299.00
Jezio Swivel Chair Thumbnail
Jezio Swivel Chair, $1099.00  $989.00
Juvel Chair Thumbnail
Juvel Chair, $99.00
Juvel Chair-CH Thumbnail
Juvel Chair-CH, $99.00
Kenset Chair Thumbnail
Kenset Chair, $799.00  $699.00
Libero Chair Thumbnail
Libero Chair, $999.00  $899.00
Mandalay Swivel Chair Thumbnail
Mandalay Swivel Chair, $1249.00
Modules Chair Thumbnail
Modules Chair, $1799.00
Nagalis Armless Chaise Thumbnail
Nagalis Armless Chaise, $1199.00
Nika Swivel Chair Thumbnail
Nika Swivel Chair, $599.00
Pavia Leather Chair-Brown Thumbnail
Pavia Leather Chair-Brown, $729.00
Persi Stool Thumbnail
Persi Stool, $149.00
Prague II Armless Chair Thumbnail
Prague II Armless Chair, $799.00  $559.00
Rosul Chair in Aqua Thumbnail
Rosul Chair in Aqua, $699.00
Rosul Chair in Green Mint Thumbnail
Rosul Chair in Green Mint, $699.00
Rosul Chair in Tangerine Thumbnail
Rosul Chair in Tangerine, $699.00
Setosa Chair - Orange Thumbnail
Setosa Chair - Orange, $499.00
Steclo Chair - Dark Grey Thumbnail
Steclo Chair - Dark Grey, $599.00  $499.00
Strada Chair Thumbnail
Strada Chair, $949.00
Taisia Chair Thumbnail
Taisia Chair, $499.00
Taranto Swivel Chair-Black Thumbnail
Taranto Swivel Chair-Black, $499.00
Taranto Swivel Chair-Merlot Thumbnail
Taranto Swivel Chair-Merlot, $499.00
Taranto Swivel Chair-Pebble leather Thumbnail
Taranto Swivel Chair-Pebble leather, $499.00
Taya Chair - Taupe Thumbnail
Taya Chair - Taupe, $699.00
Taya Chair - Teal Thumbnail
Taya Chair - Teal, $699.00
Treviso Swivel Chair - Walnut Thumbnail
Treviso Swivel Chair - Walnut, $699.00
Treviso Swivel Chair-Graphite Thumbnail
Treviso Swivel Chair-Graphite, $699.00
Treviso Swivel Chair-Rust Thumbnail
Treviso Swivel Chair-Rust, $699.00
Upstil Chair - Beige Thumbnail
Upstil Chair - Beige, $499.00
Upstil Chair - Grey Thumbnail
Upstil Chair - Grey, $499.00
Verru Bench-39.5 Thumbnail
Verru Bench-39.5, $199.00
Verru Bench-59 Thumbnail
Verru Bench-59, $279.00
Bloom Chair - Anthracite Thumbnail
Bloom Chair - Anthracite, $399.00
Calix Chair Thumbnail
Calix Chair, $949.00  $749.00
Cigno Leather Chair - Grey Thumbnail
Cigno Leather Chair - Grey, $899.00
Copel Swivel Lounge Chair-Black Thumbnail
Copel Swivel Lounge Chair-Black, $1299.00
Dalus Chair Thumbnail
Dalus Chair, $549.00  $499.00
Delmonico Chair Thumbnail
Delmonico Chair, $1499.00
Drakes Bay Swivel Glider Chair Thumbnail
Drakes Bay Swivel Glider Chair, $899.00  $799.00
Giesen Leather Chair Thumbnail
Giesen Leather Chair, $899.00
Kestal Leather Chair Thumbnail
Kestal Leather Chair, $1295.00  $795.00
Lamare Armless Chair - Saffron Thumbnail
Lamare Armless Chair - Saffron, $599.00
Lino  Swivel Chair - Tan Thumbnail
Lino Swivel Chair - Tan, $599.00
Lino  Swivel Chair - Taupe Thumbnail
Lino Swivel Chair - Taupe
Lino Swivel Chair - Black Thumbnail
Lino Swivel Chair - Black, $599.00
Lino Swivel Chair - Red Thumbnail
Lino Swivel Chair - Red, $599.00
Lodi Chair Thumbnail
Lodi Chair, $1099.00
Mentosa Leather Chair Thumbnail
Mentosa Leather Chair, $849.00  $749.00
Miva 3 Piece Sectional Thumbnail
Miva 3 Piece Sectional, $1395.00  $1195.00
Miva Chair - Light Grey Thumbnail
Miva Chair - Light Grey, $449.00  $399.00
Paramount Chair Thumbnail
Paramount Chair, $799.00
Roderick Chair Thumbnail
Roderick Chair, $1079.00
Setosa Chair - Light Grey Thumbnail
Setosa Chair - Light Grey, $499.00  $399.00
Steclo Chair - Light Grey Thumbnail
Steclo Chair - Light Grey, $599.00  $499.00
Bloom Chair-Sand Thumbnail
Bloom Chair-Sand, $399.00
Cillia Leather Chair Thumbnail
Cillia Leather Chair, $679.00
Kendra Chair Charcoal Thumbnail
Kendra Chair Charcoal, $199.00
Kendra Chair Dark Brown Thumbnail
Kendra Chair Dark Brown, $199.00
Kendra Chair Purple Thumbnail
Kendra Chair Purple, $199.00
Kendra Chair Sand Thumbnail
Kendra Chair Sand, $199.00
Oregon Chair - Anthracite Thumbnail
Oregon Chair - Anthracite, $399.00
Oregon Chair-Khaki Thumbnail
Oregon Chair-Khaki, $399.00
Pavia Leather Chair-Red Thumbnail
Pavia Leather Chair-Red, $729.00
Theva Swivel Chair (fabric) Thumbnail
Theva Swivel Chair (fabric), $279.00
Bunda Stool - Teal Thumbnail
Bunda Stool - Teal, $69.00  $49.00
Gregata Leather Chair - Beige Thumbnail
Gregata Leather Chair - Beige, $599.00
Lark Swivel Chair Thumbnail
Lark Swivel Chair, $769.00
Bunda Stool - Red Thumbnail
Bunda Stool - Red, $69.00  $49.00
Bunda Stool - White Thumbnail
Bunda Stool - White, $69.00  $49.00
Lugano Chair Thumbnail
Lugano Chair, $999.00
Vernon Chair Thumbnail
Vernon Chair, $879.00

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