About Us

We are a home furnishings destination rooted in our love for modern design and quality craftsmanship. As a family business 54 years in the making, we recognize that your home is more than just a dwelling. Through each item hand-selected

by our team, we strive to blend the timeless tradition of Scandinavian design with your individual style. Our product is made to complement the art of living well–because Scandinavian design is a way of living, not just a design style.

The adventurous spirit of our founder is a great source of pride and inspiration for all of us at Scandinavian Designs and Dania Furniture. Like many business success stories, ours begins there - with an entrepreneur, a necessity, a sense of adventure and a discovered passion. It was on a trip back to his native country of Norway, after being in the United States for a few years, that our founder began his career in furniture. At the 1963 furniture show in Stavanger, Norway, he met with several small furniture factories that all agreed to give him modest credit, on a handshake. "That's how business was done over there, in those days," he recalls. Beginning as a one-man operation where he worked in every position the business required - from trips back to the Scandinavian furniture fairs to place orders, picking up furniture shipments from the pier in San Francisco, displaying product in the store, advertising the product in the

local newspaper, selling the furniture, filling out delivery orders by hand, loading the merchandise in the back of his van and carting it off to the requested address himself. Once there, he would be responsible for assembling the piece and accounting for all the transactions and logging payment information. Even with all of the responsibility and hard work required, he speaks highly of this particular time in his career. Recounting the relationships with his customers, stories of how they would insist that he sit and join them for dinner after an evening delivery and how they became loyal to Scandinavian Designs. Passing on that loyalty to future generations, many of which are still regular customers today. The foundation and history of this family business is based on valuing authenticity and honoring our obligations. Our team strives to deliver the best customer service and the finest quality products at an exceptional value.